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Medical Bracelet (Slim Black)

Medical Bracelet (Slim Black)

Our identification bracelets offer peace of mind, not only for yourself but also for your family.


All of our identification v.2.0 bracelets are compatible with our emergency line. The toll-free emergency line is very important in times when the first responder is not able to scan the bracelet’s QR code. He can call our emergency line and provide us the bracelet’s code, and we will be able to remotely identify you and contact your family to let them know of the incident.


This model is made of silicone with a clasp that makes it adjustable.

The metal plate of the bracelet contains the QR code linked to the identification sheet when scanned with a smartphone, the code of the bracelet and the medical sign. .

The toll-free hotline number is for first responder who are unable to scan the QR code that is printed directly on the bracelet.

There is no annual or activation fees.
1 year limited warranty.

$ 1499
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