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Weaved Quilt - King size

Weaved Quilt - King size

Weaved Quilt for King size bed. 

The weaved quilt are hand weaved in Québec respecting ancestral techniques. They are made from acrylic treads et weaved with 100% cotton yarn or with tricolette yarn (100% nylon).  On top of respecting the traditional art of hand weaving, these quilts are made for modern furniture by being large enought ocover the top of the bed and exceding it with an important side coverage. Because they are hand made and unique, each weaved quilt has its own size, which is included in the description below.  

Laundry care:

  • Wash in washing machine in cold water 
  • Do not use bleech
  • Drying machine allowed (delicate cycle) but preferably hang to dry 

Choices of colors and stripes. 

 Pink salmon and white:102" (width) X 100" (length) 

 Black, orange and white: 102" (width) X 100" (length) 

 Baby blue and white: 104" (width) X 100" (length) 

Weaved quilt can be customized. A delay of 2 to 3 months could be expected. 

$ 250
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