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Long vest 100% natural alpaca - Twilight fawn color

Long vest 100% natural alpaca - Twilight fawn color

This supple and lightweight vest fits any figure. It’s a pleasure to wear in spring, autumn or all-season indoor.

Have fun wearing your vest several different ways. Let your mood guide your style!

         Elegant: Let your vest fall over your shoulders for an elegant evening
         Relaxed: Wear your vest loosely, with or without a brooch, for a relaxed look
         Coquette: Turn it over to double the layers to cover your shoulders and arms
         Dramatic: Wear your vest with the collar pulled up for a more dramatic look
         Classic: Fasten your vest higher to form a classic boat collar

Wrap yourself in the softness and comfort of our superior quality felted alpaca.

You can proudly wear this exclusive, ecological and natural felted creation.

Quantity : unique, one of each size


Size :

- long = 96*80 cm

- short = 80*70 cm


About the Alpaca fiber: 

Alpaga fiber is also named "alpaga", it is not wool.
Alpaga is available in 22 natural colors.
Alpaga is a natural antiallergen fiber.
Alpaga is softer (and less irritating) than wool.
Alpaga is as soft, silky and glossy as cashmere.
Alpaga is warmer and more resistant than wool or cashmere.
Alpaga doesn't shrink a lot and therefore is hand washable. Dry cleaning is recommended for wool and cashmere.
Alpaga gives a lot of warmth.
Alpaga absorbs your body's humidity.
Alpaga can stay glossy even after decades! Whereas cashmere loose its glossyness after a few years.

$ 325
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