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Andean Scarf

Andean Scarf

These scarves are hand-woven in Otavalo , Ecuador. Made of fine wool scarves are soft and delicate on the skin. From casual style , they are perfect for autumn days or spring . Ecuador scarves suitable for both men and women . Several colors available , the best known and most sought and rainbow color rainbow flag or 4 suyos .


Country of origin: Ecuador

Length: 160 cm x 55 cm

Material: 100 % cotton

Weight: 30 g

* Since this is a handicraft product , the product may differ slightly from image

Care instructions : clean with cold water, hand wash


Did you know?

In the Andean countries , the colors of the scarf does not have the same meaning here . This is the flag of " los quatros suyos " ( 4 flags ( flags ) ) . It represents the four districts in which the Inca Empire ruled ( suyu Quechua ( Inca language ) ) Chinchaysuyo , Antisuyo , Collasuyo Contisuyo and the capital is Cuzco ( Quechua navel of the world ) . Today, this multi-colored flag still stands on the ancient Inca capital .




 Blue and green

$ 1999
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