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Ecuadorian tablecloth - Large format

Ecuadorian tablecloth - Large format

Ecuadorian tablecloths or Mantas (covers) are made of traditional Andean woven fabrics. Adorned with multiple colors and decorated with Andean designs; Inca sun, llamas, ships and more. They can be used to decorate your home kitchen table, your bed as a decorative cover, or even wall decor.

Country of Origin: Ecuador

Measurement of the water: 256 cm x 164 cm

Cotton and fine wool

Weight: 900 g

Care: Hand wash with warm water.

Ideal for a table of 8 people or for a double bed

* Since this is a handicraft product, the product may differ slightly from image


           Brown                        Blue                          Purple


    Green glowing                   Green                       Yellow


          White                       Dark blue                 Light green       White multicolor


Did you know?

Tablecloths Ecuadorian Otavalo (Mantas) have many uses. They serve as a blanket or shawl for women to carry babies. They are also used to transport the machine for laundry. It is not uncommon to see mantas used as table cloths or blankets. They can also be used as bedspreads, curtains or wall decoration.

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