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De l'Aubier Sap Water

De l'Aubier Sap Water

Unique in the world, De l'Aubier sap water is the first vegetable water from maple trees.

Made in Quebec, it wears the name of its origins, "l'aubier" being the sapwwod, that is the part that carries the sap from the roots to the leaves.

It's a flat water with a distinguished personnality, and not a a sugary water nor a water that tastes maple. It's a perfect mix between tradition and innovation.

First naturally filtered in the tree, the maple water is extracted and refiltered to separate the sugar from the water, a process that is being refined each and everytime by Eau Matelo in order to get an exceptionnal quality.

Serve De l'Aubier sap water at room temperature in a stemware, so it will reveal subtlety and the astonishing unctuousness, it gets from its vegetable origins.

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