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Canadian Clay - Trio

Canadian Clay - Trio

Clay is used since ages for its multiples properties. Clay stimulates blood and lymph circulation, remove dead skin and purifies the skin by absorbing toxins. Red clay is better used to care for dry skin, Light clay for normal skin and Grey clay for oily prone skin. 

The most popular usage of clay is as a facial or body mask. This Canadian clay comes from Saskatchewan, is natural and contains no presrvatives nor additives. It leaves your skin so soft and smooth that this product will quickly become a must to have. 

Instructions: Prepare a smooth paste by mixing two parts of clay with one part of lukewarm water. Apply to the face or body. Leave for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water. Do not allow to dry completely

Gift set: This set includes 3 containers, each of 128 grams, of clay: light clay, Red clay and Grey clay.

$ 3995
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