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Organic Buckwheat Pillow - Regular

Organic Buckwheat Pillow - Regular

The Authentic Buckwheat Pillow.

100% Organic Cotton - Organic buckwheat hulls from Quebec. Entirely made of plant-based products.

Firmer pillow that offers adequate support, remains fresh and doesn’t trap moisture. Has a zipper so that you can adjust the firmness and thickness according to your sleeping preferences.

Buckwheat contains tannin which naturally repels mites.

Washable cover made of our interlock fabric providing good resistance, with a weight of 439 g (15.5 ounces), all in 100% certified organic cotton.

Lasts up to ten years. Never heat up your pillow in the microwave.

Standard size.  Weight: 3.5 kilos.



We offer a one-year warranty on all manufacturing defects. Not reimboursable: products certified organic cannot be returned for security of traceability and hygenic reasons.


$ 95
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