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Bhutan, Lotus and Dragon

Bhutan, Lotus and Dragon

Bhutan, Lotus and Dragon's 210 pages reveal 130 photos as well as various texts written by the photographer and her collaborators.  This photoreport brings to light portraits and scenes of the Bhutanese's daily lives.  This book will also appeal to lovers of spectacular landscapes and singular architecture.


Slightly larger than Switzerland, Bhutan is landlocked between India and Tibet. A world leader for its bold environmental measures, Bhutan measures its internal wealth in an original way, through the Gross National Happiness (GNH) index.


Its culture, landscapes and architecture never cease to amaze all those who venture there. The Bhutanese traditionally offer pink rice and peppers so hot they bring tears to your eyes. The men wear robes down to the knee, the family property goes to the eldest daughter, and Thimphu, the Capital, has no traffic lights.

The photographer made two trips to Bhutan, the mountainous country known as the "Kingdom of Happiness". She came back with some stunning shots, including some of the sacred festivals with the masked dancers known as "the flying monks" Her portraits are particularly poignant: they show a mastery of her art as well as an acute sensitivity that succeeds in capturing the tranquil happiness in the intent and serene gaze of its people.

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