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Héritières de Bouddha - Photographic Record

Héritières de Bouddha - Photographic Record

This photographic story is about the artist/globetrotter Martine Michaud's stay at the Sissinang  monastery in Bhutan with the Séchèn nuns. The 140 photos published by les éditions MishôPhoto, invites you in the exploration of the diversified activities of this community, including : rituals and ceremonials of their Worship, Puja sittings, daily life, outings and enlightment moments. In this book, Martine Michaud lifts the veil on the secret universe of the Séchèn nuns. The interviews are collected with tact and consideration. The touching portraits captures intense gazes and the interiority of the subjects. 

It is the meeting of two different worlds : one represented by the occidental artist and the other, by a spiritual community ; two different cultures, but the same human essence. Héritières de Bouddha is a timeless adventure and an unprecedented encounter.

In 2014, Martine Michaud published this other photo-story : Bhoutan: Lotus et dragon


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