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Flame Set necklace and earrings

Flame Set necklace and earrings

Flame Set (necklace and earrings)

This set is made of a necklace with a silvered chain and its assorted earrings. The set is made of red pearls and assembled red and zebra-striped cones.
Thanks to their pin and stud made in stainless steel, these earings are hypoallergenics. This set is also made from recycled soda cans.


Beauty surronds us, but it is a beauty we take for granted. Pommerose knows how to find beauty in recycled materials and to highlight ordinary objects. Pommerose's goal with its clientele is to promote the valorisation of available ressources, to educate and to motivate people about recycling. One the other hand, it's a way for the artist to support her neighbourhood, because the cans are picked up and given by neighbours, friends or even customers. For the artist, creating jewelry with recycled materials is a way to give back to her community. For each jewelry, there is a special story.


Necklace length : 31 cm

Earrings length : 6.5 cm

Weight : 20 grammes

$ 54
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