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Harrington Road and Edmund House #26

Harrington Road and Edmund House #26

Acrylic and mixed techniques on canvas. Framed with natural, upcycled wood. 2014.


On Harrington Road
A water body where nature abounds
New growths entangle with robust trees and ghostly stumps
Blue sky and clouds in a distorted perspective
Water becomes a mirror to life and death


And the Edmund House
Edmund was born in the house
The house was built in 1896
It was a log on log construction
Cedar and hemlock timber squared off with axes
Edmund grew up in the house
Inside, pine boards were put up
As time went by, these boards were painted, re-painted, and covered with wallpaper, again and again
Over time, soot, cracks and scaliness appeared
Then, the house was demolished
Only disoriented boards were left behind
Edmund left the house

$ 600
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