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Zygoptera 13

Zygoptera 13

a.k.a. as damselflies, a suborder of Odonata comprising forms that are distinguished from the typical dragonflies by a slenderer elongated body, by narrow equal wings held upright in repose and a slow and uncertain flight pattern.


Makes me want to be a damselfly.


Both sculpture, stabile and mobile, imaginary insect, driftwood jellyfish and pelagic dreamcatcher, this zygoptera was carefully assembled with hand-picked driftwood found on the shores of Havre-Aubert and hand-painted in our maritime studio.


Ingredients : driftwood picked on the Magdelen Islands (a small archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence), galvanized steel wire, acrylic paints


To be hung on a wall or set up on a shelf, this zygoptera will take you for a ride on its colorful imaginary wings.


$ 50
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